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Explain the functions of administration and discuss the scope of Islamic administration.

Functions of Administration Administration refers to the process of organizing and managing resources, including people, finances, and materials, to achieve specific goals and objectives. The functions of administration are essential to the effective and efficient operation of organizations, regardless of their size, structure, or purpose. Planning: Administration begins with planning, which involves setting goals, determining strategies and action plans to achieve those goals, and allocating resources to support the plans. Effective planning helps to ensure that an organization's goals and objectives are clearly defined and that resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Organizing: The next step in administration is organizing, which involves arranging and coordinating resources to achieve the goals and objectives defined in the planning stage. This includes the allocation of tasks and responsibilities, the assignment of personnel, and the developm

Define descriptive research What are its major forms? Strengthen your answer with the example of Case Studies, Causal Comparative studies and correlation studies?

  Definition of Descriptive Research Descriptive research is a type of research method that involves collecting and analyzing data to describe the characteristics of a population or phenomenon. The goal of descriptive research is to provide a detailed and accurate picture of a particular group or phenomenon without making any inferences or drawing any conclusions about cause-and-effect relationships. This type of research is often used in the social sciences, education, psychology, and many other fields to gain a better understanding of a particular subject or issue. One of the main benefits of descriptive research is that it can provide a comprehensive overview of a population or phenomenon. This type of research can help researchers identify important trends and patterns in the data, which can be used to inform future research or inform decision-making. Descriptive research can also be used to identify gaps in the existing knowledge about a particular subject, which can be addressed

What is an experiment and how you will conduct an experimental research? What will be the threats to internal and external validity and how you will minimize these threats?

  What is an experiment An experiment is a procedure carried out to support, refute, or validate a hypothesis or answer a question. Experiments provide a way to test scientific theories and help researchers gain a better understanding of natural phenomena. They are typically designed to be controlled and to isolate variables in order to observe the effect of one variable on another. Conducting an Experimental Research Conducting an experimental research requires a systematic and methodical approach. The following steps outline the general process for conducting an experimental study: Formulate a research question or hypothesis: The first step in conducting an experimental research is to formulate a clear and specific research question or hypothesis. This question or hypothesis should be based on existing literature and should be relevant to the field of study. The research question or hypothesis guides the design of the experiment and helps to focus the study. Design the experiment: