What is Blood Sugar and A1C

Blood Sugar and A1C
When you complete this article you will learn the following. 

  • Why it's important to check blood sugar 

  • How often you should check your sugar 

  • What is a normal blood sugar range 

  • Why the a1c lab test is so important 

Why it's important to Check Blood Sugar

In this article we will learn what it means to monitor your diabetes. In other words, how to make sure your blood sugar is at a normal level not too high or too low. In this article we will use the term Glucose which means Sugar. A Glucose Meter is a device used to monitor the level of sugar in your blood. Similarly you monitor the fuel gauge or speedometer on your dashboard. 

How often Should you Check your Blood Sugar

People who use insulin to manage their diabetes should test their blood sugar several times a day. Fasting blood sugar is taken when you wake up having nothing to eat or drink for at least six hours. If you use insulin to manage your diabetes for the sake of safety, always check your blood sugar prior to driving a motor vehicle. If you take insulin before meals you should test your blood sugar prior to taking insulin. 

Test more often 

  • If you have had low blood sugars below 70. 

  • Sugars have been unusually high over 200. 

  • You are sick (flu or infection)

What is a normal blood sugar range

According to the american diabetes association or ADA target blood sugar levels are before meals between 70 to 130. two hours after meals less than 180. 

Targets or goals are something to work towards participating in diabetes self-management education will help you to hit your targets. 

Why is the A1C test so important

The A1C test is a blood test that shows a person's average levels of blood sugar over the past three months. Sugar particles stick to your red blood cells. The A1C test measures the amount of sugar particles. The higher your blood sugar the more sugar particles stick to your red cells and the higher your A1C will be. Your doctor also uses the A1C to determine how well your medication and insulin is working. If your A1C remains high your doctor may increase your medication or insulin dosage.


  1. it's important to check your blood sugar frequently especially before driving

  2. Fasting blood sugar is when you haven't had anything to eat or drink in six to eight hours  

  3. If you use insulin always check your blood sugar prior to driving a motor vehicle  

  4. Target blood sugar range before meals is between 70 to 130 and less than 180 after meals 

  5. The a1c is a test that shows your average blood sugar over 3 months.


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